About the system

Initiology - Soul ecology science
Universal system of human healing

Initiology was founded in 1999 by a Russian researcher and practitioner Vyacheslav Lazarenko. The meaning of the word "Initiology" comes from two roots: Initial (beginning, initiation) and Logy (science, teaching). Thus, "Initiology" literally means "initiation science".

The method of Initiology is based on the work with space energy. Energy flows of a certain frequency come through structured protected channels. Each of the channels has certain qualities and performs specified functions. Healing, purifying, social, information and multifunctional impact methods are used in Initiology.

Everybody can master the method of work with the channels. It is not necessary to have inherent extrasensory abilities to do it. Access to the channels is transferred in the process of initiation (co-setting) of a Master - teacher of Initiology and a trainee, as a result the trainee can work with the channels independently and carry out sessions for himself as well as for other people.

The method of Initiology gives an opportunity to heal a broad range of diseases, solve problems in the sphere of energy and information security, provide significant support in qualitative improvement of social and personal aspects of human life.

The results of the channels' work are supported by aura pictures, methods of bioresonance diagnostics and medical examination.


Channels are divided into 4 major groups:

1. Universal channels. This group includes 2nd level channels. Through a universal channel comes a general energy flow covering the whole range of problems in accordance with its specialization.

2. Target channels. This group includes 3rd level channels. Through a target channel comes a flow of energy which purposefully influences one problem (disease) in accordance with its specialization. Due to purposeful localized impact on a single fixed zone of channel power application maximum effect is achieved.

3. Impact channels. This group includes a number of 3rd level channels. The structure of an impact channel is more complicated than that of a target or universal one. Through an impact channel simultaneously come a couple of target flows working as separate channels.

4. Information channels. This group includes channels working on resonance frequencies of general information field. Information channel performs the function of synchronization of cerebral hemispheres and setting to resonance frequencies of the information field in accordance with the operator's request.

The founder of initiology, Vyacheslav Lazarenko, from an early age devoted his life to studying and developing of hidden opportunities of human psychic, organization of ways of communication with external energy sources, searching and creating of a new universal system of human healing and practice of personal growth.

Awarded with Paracelsus medal («Euromedica - Hannover 2012»).

Within 12 years of practice Vyacheslav Lazarenko has become a participant and the main figure of dozens of documentaries and TV-programmes on central television: REN-TV (detective stories; detectives-psychics), ТV-3 («Mysterious signs», 5 films; Medium project), ТNТ, NTV (talk show «Domino Principle»; 4 programs), ТV-6, 1 Channel (program «Dobroe Utro» (Good Morning), talk show "Bez Kompleksov" ("Without complexes") with Lolita Miljavskaya), Volga-TV (mass session for the auditorium of 1000000 people) as well as the author of more than 100 publications in printed media: "Komsomolskaya Pravda" ("Komsomol truth"), "Mir novostej" ("The world of news"), "Orakul" ("Oracle"), "Orakul. Prognozy I predskazaniya" ("Oracle. Forecasts and predictions"), "Mir zazerkalya" ("The world behind the looking-glass"), "Stupeni orakula" ("Stages of oracle"), "Tajnaya vlast'" ("Secret power"), "Klub Era Vodoleya ("Aquarian Age Club"); The article by Jury Longo on the future of Initiology, etc."

Within its lifetime Initiology has become widespread in Russia and abroad.

Initiology training is performed in Moscow (studies are carried out by V. Lazarenko) and certified Initiology centers in the cities of Russia and CIS countries.

For those who live in remote regions and countries distance learning is carried out.

Since 2009 trained specialists are registered in Unified Register of Initiologists.

© All rights reserved. Any use of Initiology system as well as the name, methodological texts, names of the channels and system characteristics for commercial purposes without the rightholder's written agreement is subject to legal prosecution.




Level 1

1. Theoretical base.

2. Activation of extrasensory skills.

3. Activation of clairvoyance and clairknowledge.

4. Purification and activation of energy centers - chakras.

5. Diagnostics (extrasensory, phantom, biolocational).

6. Restoration of energy ring (protective shell).

7. Social energetics (generator of good luck, event modeling, problems rejection).

8. Subsidiary Initiology methods.

Level 2
"Initiologist. Basic level"

Initiation (co-setting) of 3 energy channels:

1. Bonpo-Buddha Channel - universal healing. Restores and normalizes the functions of all body organs and systems. Improves biofield, saturates with pure space energy. In practice heals moderately severe diseases within 5-7 sessions.

2. Olmo-Lung Channel - purifying. The channel provides purification from all types of magical impact, removes biofield breakdowns and breaches. Purifies energy centers and creates stable protection.

3. Prazhna Channel - chakre. Restores and normalizes the work of all energy centers (chakres). Removes energy blocks in channels and meridians. The channel works in all acupuncture points and meridians of the body.

Having finished Levels 1-2 the trainees can:

1. Purify and restore their own energetics.

2. Develop extrasensory skills and abilities.

3. Carry out energy diagnostics (including that with the elements of clairvoyance and clairknowledge).

4. Perform full-fledge sessions of purification and restoration for themselves and people around them:

Remove negative impact,

Heal moderately severe diseases,

Restore the work of energy centers.

5. Learn to influence their own life in a positive way.

Level 3

"Initiologist. Professional Level"

Initiation into target Initiology Channels (healing, purifying, information, social). You can find the full list of channels in the section "Channels".

Having finished Level 3 the trainees can:

1. Professionally heal a broad range of diseases using target and impact channels.

2. Solve personal and social problems using special social channels.

3. Remove severe forms of negative (including ancestral and karmic programs) using purifying channels.

4. Read information (clairvoyance and clairknowledge) using information channels.

Level 4

"Master of Initiology"

Initiation into Master of Initiology.

Master technologies training.

Level 5

"Master - Teacher of Initiology"

Master-Teacher can transfer access to Initiology channels as well as Master settings to his apprentices.


Main block of channels


Say-Lin Channel

Cures genitourinary system diseases. Breaks up and removes stones from kidneys, Restores potency. Used in case of myoma, cysts, infertility. Destroys urinary genital tract infections.

Farist Channel

Cures all cardiovascular system diseases. Normalizes blood pressure. Treats blood vessels.

Sej-Him Channel

Cures all gastrointestinal tract diseases. Used to treat ulcers, gastritis. Cures disbacteriosis.

Sun-Lem Channel

Treats diseases and disorders of vital body systems. Works on central and peripheral nervous system. On endocrine system. On lymphatic system. Restores immune system. Removes stresses, depressions, chronic fatigue syndrome, nervous disorders.

Fibios Channel

Destroys all types of viruses, infections (except HIV). Used to treat all infectious diseases.

Shalim-Sun Channel

Treats all blood diseases. Purifies blood. Normalizes blood composition. Normalizes the work of all blood vessels, capillaries, veins and arteries.

Arum-Bad Channel

Treats all spine diseases. Relieves pinched nerve. Makes the back straight. Used in case of hernia, scoliosis, vertebrae displacement.

Darun-Ao-Ling Channel

Normalizes metabolism. Normalizes weight. Rejuvenates. Cleans the body of chemical waste, toxins, salt deposits.

Sarat-Bay Channel

Treats all brain diseases. Used in case of psychiatric disorders. Removes pre- and post-stroke conditions. Cleans and restores brain blood vessels. Normalizes cerebral blood flow.

Daolin Channel

Works on all eyes diseases. Restores eyesight. Used in case of strabismus. Treats ear diseases.

Sharot Channel

Works in case of all cancer diseases, except those of stage 4.

Farim-Sun Channel

Normalizes hormones. Improves immune system. Normalizes blood pressure.

Aridium Channel

Treats diabetes

Shao-Nen Channel

Treats animals, birds and plants.

Dario-Sun Channel

Treats respiratory system and respiratory tract diseases. Cleans and disinfects bronchi, trachea and lungs. Used to treat bronchitis, pneumonia, sinusitis and asthma.

Sur Channel

Treat skin diseases, suppurative inflammations. Works on all allergic diseases. Used in case of gangrene.

Sirius-D Channel

Removes negative in DNA memory spirals. Eliminates negative genetic information. Removes all negative information at the cellular level.

Farot Channel

Treats all mammary glands diseases. Used in case of mastitis. Restores breast shape. Treats cellulite.

Ma - Shi - Tsa Channel
Impact treatment channel. Cures almost all diseases.

Ha - Boo - La Channel
Impact channel. Breaks up and removes stones and sand from gall bladder, kidneys. Cleans liver and spleen.

Orion - D Channel
Smoothes out wrinkles. Removes scars, cicatrices and wounds. Used in case of hair loss.

Muktab Channel
Channel of rejuvenation.


Aum - Ra - Ke Channel
Removes all kinds of witchcraft, curses (except for generational). Removes the "crown of celibacy." Removes all kinds of love magic (love spells, charms to protect from evil influences). Removes connection of energy vampires. Removes death hoodoo.

Sutram Channel
Removes family karma. Removes the karma of previous incarnations. Removes personal karma accumulated during the lifetime.

Farum Channel
Breaks necrotic connections with the dead. Removes generational curse.

Arus Channel
Used for protection from all kinds of negative energy. Creates a thick protective shell around the body which reflects all the negative. Works to protect against all magical effects, connections of energy vampires, ES settling.


Tantra - Nan Channel
Settles to the frequency of good luck. Takes away from the period of bad luck. Helps to achieve goals.

Tetragrammaton Channel
Works on the execution of any wishes. Helps to achieve goals. Materializes ideas and images.

Karist Channel
Takes aside enemies and detractors. Breaks the plans of people that are dangerous for you.

St. Michael Channel
Works for good luck in love and personal life. Creates a positive atmosphere in the family.

Arbatel Channel
Settles to the frequency of material welfare. Attracts money and material goods.

Dar Channel
Charges with volitional fiery energy. Gives control over events and people. Helps to be a success in business, career and work.


Viartan Channel
Information channel. Provides access to general information field. Gives any information in the form of images and sensations.

Buddha - Universum Channel
Information channel. Provides access to general information field of the universe. Used for astral travelling.


Tsirion Channel
The element of fire. Includes 50 channels - frequencies. Destroys all kinds of cancer and metastases. Destroys all types of viruses, germs, infections. Eliminates negative substance of energetic and astral level. Works on blood diseases. Used in case of diabetes. Treats all lungs and airways diseases. Normalizes heart functions. Used in case of paralysis. Improves the immune status. Normalizes hormones.

Christ Channel
Includes 50 channels - frequencies. Removes energy blocks in chakras, channels, meridians. Saturates chakras with energy, increases energy potential. Cleans the fate matrix of all negative programs. Destroys all negative connections and communication at all levels. Clears the energy of the family, removes bad heredity. Destroys all kinds of hoodoo, witchcraft, curses, evil eye. Removes all magical effects (love spells, charms to protect from evil influences, incantations). Establishes a mechanism for protection against negative energy flows of the society and radiation of biological objects. Restores 100% of eyesight. Used in case of liver cirrhosis.

Solomon Channel
Includes 120 frequencies. Settles to the frequency of good luck and prosperity. Settles to the frequency of wealth and abundance. Takes away from the "black" period. Shields from the influence of astrological factors. Increases sexual and creative potential. Enhances personal magnetism. Provides with the gift of persuasion. Cures all diseases (except cancer, AIDS and diabetes). Increases energetic potential.

Ratron Channel
Includes 100 frequencies. Clears from any negativity at all levels. Corrects faults in posture. Cures all spine diseases, sets vertebrae, eliminates hernia, relieves entrapments. Removes excessive body fat.

Note: Dear psychics, if you try to connect to the channels without initiation, you get connected to mirrors of the channels which can lead to unpredictable consequences. In order to get direct access to the channels, you need to go through initiation with a Master - Teacher of Initiology.

Distance learning

In case you could not find an Initiologist in your city and it is inconvenient for you to attend classes in Moscow, you can use the service of distance learning. By subscribing to this online course you get access to the following information resources on the Internet:

1. Handbook for first level trainees with detailed and consequent description of all first level Initiology methods.

2. Handbook for second level trainees with detailed and consequent description of session performance scheme and work with Initiology Channels.

3. Audio training for development of clairvoyance and telepathic skills which precisely recreates the atmosphere in the School.

4. Audio training for development of extrasensory skills aimed at the development of energetics and revival of extrasensory perception.

5. Audio training in self-regulation and fate management which provides detail practical description of immersion into and work in meditative conditions.

6. Co-setting of Bonpo-Buddha, Olmo-Lung and Prazhna Channels is performed distantly in the specified time. The Channels are as efficient as in case of contact initiation.

7. During distant learning course you can ask all the questions you have and receive comprehensive answers per e-mail or per Skype.

8. The cost of distant learning course is 200 Euro.


International Initiology Federation

Russia, Moscow

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E-mail: vplazarenko@gmail.com