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V. Lazarenko gives individual consultations in the following spheres:

  • Healing of acute, severe, chronic diseases
  • Cleaning of negative energy and information impacts
  • Protection 
  • Work with personal and social problems 
  • Distant work


First main session : "Energy cleaning"

Energy cleaning session lasts 2-4 hours.

During the first session removed is the following:

  • All types of energy and information impact 
  • Destructive hereditary programs 
  • Negative potential received within the lifetime 
  • Received negative programs 
  • Breakdowns and breaches of the biofield 
  • Cell memory is cleared and restored 
  • The work of energy centres is restored
  • The work of all major channels and meridians is normalized
  • Multilevel protection system is established 
  • Long-term restoration programs are installed


 Additional restoration sessions

Restoration session is 30 min - 1 hour long. During the following sessions target work in the following spheres is carried out:

  • Target work in the field of health restoration 
  • Target work with personal and social problems 
  • Target work with individual issues

Contact and distance sessions are carried out

At the first session you can undergo energy diagnostics, establish the causes of your diseases and problems and choose a suitable course of sessions. 

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