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Level 1

1. Theoretical base.

2. Activation of extrasensory skills.

3. Activation of clairvoyance and clairknowledge.

4. Purification and activation of energy centers - chakras.

5. Diagnostics (extrasensory, phantom, biolocational).

6. Restoration of energy ring (protective shell).

7. Social energetics (generator of good luck, event modeling, problems rejection).

8. Subsidiary Initiology methods.

Level 2
 "Initiologist. Basic level

Initiation (co-setting) of 3 energy channels:

1. Bonpo-Buddha Channel  - universal healing. Restores and normalizes the functions of all body organs and systems. Improves biofield, saturates with pure space energy. In practice heals moderately severe diseases within 5-7 sessions.

2. Olmo-Lung Channel  - purifying.   The channel provides purification from all types of magical impact, removes biofield breakdowns and breaches. Purifies energy centers and creates stable protection.   

3. Prazhna Channel - chakre.  Restores and normalizes the work of all energy centers (chakres). Removes energy blocks in channels and meridians. The channel works in all acupuncture points and meridians of the body.

Having finished Levels 1-2 the trainees can:

1. Purify and restore their own energetics.

2. Develop extrasensory skills and abilities.

3. Carry out energy diagnostics (including that with the elements of clairvoyance and clairknowledge).

4. Perform full-fledge sessions of purification and restoration for themselves and people around them:

Remove negative impact,

Heal moderately severe diseases,

Restore the work of energy centers.

5. Learn to influence their own life in a positive way.


Level 3

"Initiologist. Professional Level"   

Initiation into target Initiology Channels (healing, purifying, information, social). You can find the full list of channels in the section "Channels".

Having finished Level 3  the trainees can:

1. Professionally heal a broad range of diseases using target and impact channels.

2. Solve personal and social problems using special social channels.

3. Remove severe forms of negative (including ancestral and karmic programs) using purifying channels.

4. Read information (clairvoyance and clairknowledge) using information channels.


Level 4

"Master of Initiology"

Initiation into Master of Initiology.

Master technologies training.



Level 5

"Master - Teacher of Initiology"

Master-Teacher can transfer access to Initiology channels as well as Master settings to his apprentices. 

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