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Questions and Answers

What are the differences between Initiology and bioenergetics?

Initiologist does not spend his own energy on the work with a disease or a problem.  All the work is carried out using space energy coming through the channels.  The channels provide protection from transferring of the disease from the patient to the healer.


 What are the differences between Initiology and cosmoenergetics?

The work with Initiology channels gives prompt results.  IN channels provide protection for Initiologist during the session.  IN channels not only have healing properties, but also purposefully solve personal and social problems.  Beginning with the 4th  Initiologist level IN technologies significantly broaden the opportunities of the Initiologist, and in cosmoenergetic they remain on the same level.  At the same time,  according to the studies performed on focus groups with the use of diagnostic equipment (bioresonance testing, gas discharge visualization test, aura cameras "6000" and  "Station"), the two systems are compatible and can effectively supplement each other.  


What are the differences between Initiology and Reiki?

In reiki a person acts as the main conductor of life energy. In Initiology - as an operator. Reiki is not a multiprofile healing system. Initiology is. Reiki is first of all a system of spiritual growth. Initiology is mainly a system of healing. 


What are the differences between Initiology and yoga?

Years of practice are needed in order to achieve high results in yoga. In Initiology these power and skills are transferred from the teacher to the trainee by means of initiation (co-setting) , which does not require  years of training.


Who can become an Initiologist?

Everybody can practice Initiology. No special skills or inclinations are needed for studying. Initiology is available for everyone.

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