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Interview with Vyacheslav Lazarenko

January 17th, 2012

Within the last 12 years Initiology training has been carried out in Moscow and other cities in Russia and other CIS countries. The purpose of this interview is to cover this branch and to find out the main principles and methods used in Initiology system.  In order to do that we spoke to the founder of the system Vyacheslav Pavlovich Lazarenko.  

Vyacheslav Pavlovich, what is Initiology?

It is an effective and at the same time understandable and available for everyone system of healing.

What is the method of Initiology based on?

On the work with space energy.  Initiologist does not spend his own energy on the work with a disease or a problem.   The channels provide reliable protection from transferring of the disease from the patient to the healer which is quite common in bioenergetics.

As I was reading the reports on the performed studies on your website, my imagination was stroked by the speed the results are achieved with and the range of problems which Initiology can help to cope with.  As far as I know, no other system provides such guarantees.  How would you comment on that?

The world is constantly changing. Technologies are being improved. The emergence of a new generation healing system with better results than that of all previous systems is absolutely essential. 

What is the main difference of Initiology?

Everything. At first glance, Initiology is similar to other methods. But during the tests in turns out to be a lot more effective. Let us draw an analogy with parapsychology and bioenergetics.  There the healer's personal energetic potential is used.  Even the most powerful healer's or psychic's energy is not endless, it means, it is limited. The flows of space energy coming through the channels are not limited, that is why they can cope even with the most difficult problem or disease. That was the first point. And the second. In space energetic dozens or even hundreds of sessions are necessary for complete purification and healing.  In Initiology such results are achieved within 5-7 sessions. These are the main differences, if not to go into details.

What message would you give to the readers who decided to take up your training?

You have made a wise choice.  Initiology is the thing of the future.  Even if you start "from scratch", it is not important.  Already during the first lessons all trainees achieve serious results and can provide full-fledged assistance to themselves and people around them. I am always open to communication with my trainees. In case they need to clarify this or that question, get any help, they can at any time rely on me.

The interview was prepared by Tatyana Miroshnichenko

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