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Distance learning

In case you could not find an Initiologist in your city and it is inconvenient for you to attend classes in Moscow, you can use the service of distance learning. By subscribing to this online course you get access to the following information resources on the Internet:

1. Handbook for first level trainees with detailed and consequent description of all first level Initiology methods.

2. Handbook for second level trainees with detailed and consequent description of session performance scheme and work with Initiology Channels.

3. Audio training for development of clairvoyance and telepathic skills which precisely recreates the atmosphere in the School.

4. Audio training for development of extrasensory skills aimed at the development of energetics and revival of extrasensory perception.

5. Audio training in self-regulation and fate management which provides detail practical description of immersion into and work in meditative conditions.

6. Co-setting of Bonpo-Buddha, Olmo-Lung and Prazhna Channels is performed distantly in the specified time. The Channels are as efficient as in case of contact initiation.

7. During distant learning course you can ask all the questions you have and receive comprehensive answers per e-mail or per Skype.

8. The cost of distant learning course is 350 Euro.

9. In order to get involved into a distance learning course you should fill a registration form: Distance learning, after that you will receive further instructions to the e-mail address specified in the form.

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